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Short once again the first few lines from the WDL Info:
In order to be able to participate at WSA Events (World and European Championships from 2016, Eurocup from 2016/2017), a WSA Driver Licence (WDL) is required. WDL numbers are being issued once for the duration of the career of a musher and are compulsory for all WSA events with immediate effect. The WDL has the advantage that going forward when entering in an event, mushers will only have to supply their WDL number and the class they would like to compete in instead of having to enter their personal details every time.

Now the details more precisely:

  1. Register for the Race Data page. Wait for your activation.
  2. Log in and read the introduction.
  3. Fill out the form of your choice under WDL.
  4. The buttons in the header can be taken as a guide what's next.
  5. Fill out a Speaker List
  6. Chip lists are available as 1, 5 and 10 20 Dogs
  7. So they have captured all the data that are important to the WDL. Your WDL will be activated.
  8. To be able to start at an event they need to enter the category. It is the key. This brings you to the selection list for your WSA members. This will then decide on the criteria of his country who starts.
  9. Meaning: A WDL number is not the same start at WM / EM. As the WDL is applied but also in Eurocup 2016/2016 and in Dryland Euro 2016 is an early registration is advisable..

After the WC is before the EC:

You want to start at the next event - Dryland EM 2016th
  1. Log on Race Data.
  2. Fill in the category again. (WDL number is required)
  3. You are now on the selection list for the Dryland Championships
  4. Finish - Logout
Worth knowing:

From mid-2016, you can perform changes such as address / email / telephone change, Dogs unsubscribe etc. More after the World Championships in Frauenwald. New Dogs you can register already in the chip list again today.