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The World Sled Dog Association WSA unites all international federations, associations, organisations (the members) which support racing sport with sled dogs, whereby WSA events can only take place with sled dog breeds that have been recognised as such and approved as such by the International Cynological Federation F.C.I.  In its capacity as an important and well regarded organisation of such members it is the aim of the WSA to encourage a common and unified development/support of sled dogs. The autonomy of its members is guaranteed.

The member associations of WSA can only enter and send members to championships/competitions of the WSA which are of the same nationality as the member association itself or members with the same first residence in the same country as the member association. The entered candidate, however, has to have had his/her first residence in the applying country for at least 12 months.

Members of other organisations are allowed to participate in WSA events if they have been nominated by their national WSA association.

It is intended to submit this Statute to the Olympic Committee in Lausanne.

WSA and its members commit to cooperate in a trustworthy manner with the corresponding breeders’ associations of the various countries.

The official WSA languages are English and German. In the case of disputes only the German versions of
the statutes and rules are valid. As a basic rule, meetings of the Association are to be held in such WSA
language acceptable to all participants.


§ 1    Name, Domicile, Function

  1. The Association has the name ‘World Sled Dog Association e.V., short WSA. WSA was founded in 1995 and is registered under No. VR 479 in the Court of Registration of the Amtsgericht in 74722 Buchen.
  2. The Association has its domicile in 74722 Buchen, Germany.
  3. The field of activity reaches over the whole world and to countries, which do not inhibit free transit and people’s liberty.