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§ 21  Disciplinary Actions of the Association


  1. WSA is entitled to take action against members and impose disciplinary actions within the Association if member organisations or their individual members do not respect the aims and common interests of the Association or because they violate or ignore the Statute, rules or agreements of the Association (see also § 9 of this Statute).


  1. WSA can impose the following disciplinary actions:


    • Warning with financial penalty
    • Reprimand/caution with financial penalty
    • Exclusion
    • Dismissal from a function
    • Exclusion and/or banning of an organisation or of individual members of such an organisation from WSA events for a period of up to 24 months.
    • Suspension of a member. For suspended members see the rules and        regulations outlined in § 9.


  1. The GA is responsible for the handling and imposing of such disciplinary actions within the Association. Disciplinary Actions are at first ordered by the Board in conjunction with the Race Judge Committee. They have to be, however, dealt with and confirmed at the next GA. Vetos against a preliminary order have no delaying effect. The decision of the GA is final.


  1. The amount of the financial penalty is a minimum of 50 Euros with a maximum of 1000 Euros.


  1. An exclusion can occur in particular:


  • In case of harm to the good reputation and harm to the aims of the Association
  • In case of serious and permanent ignoring or violation of the Statute of the Association as well as their agreements, decisions and/or rules.
  • In case of an insult to members or honorary responsibly active officials/functionaries of WSA
  • In case of unreasonable conduct not corresponding to the principle of fair play resulting from an event and/or at events which are organised by other organisations and through which WSA can be discredited.



§ 22  Procedure Rules


  1. If proceedings have been initiated, the accusations have to be submitted in writing to the accused. The accused can respond to those accusations in writing within 4 weeks. In case of a non-receipt of a response it is assumed that the accused does not want to respond to the accusation.


  1. The proceeding has to be kept secret until its final conclusion. A proceedings file has to be established. Only general information is admitted which can be published exclusively and in agreement with the Chairman and Vice Chairman.


  1. The proceeding is to be conducted in writing only until the next GA. The accused can apply for a verbal hearing in this GA. The costs arising from such an event to the accused are to be borne by the accused him/herself.


  1. Decisions concerning the implementation of disciplinary actions are to be made according to the usual principle of majority voting. The voting in the GA is to be secret and the result is to be communicated to the accused.


  1. At the latest 2 weeks after the GA the accused will receive information in writing as to what the disciplinary action against him/her will be, and what reasons have led to such action. The proceeding is henceforth concluded.