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§ 2   Purpose/Aim


  1. The aim of the Association is the practice and development of the sled dog        racing sport with sled dog breeds approved by the F.C.I. as follows:

- Siberian Husky

- Alaskan Malamute

- Greenland hound (dog)

- Samoyede


2.         The Association is exclusively and directly a charitable (non-profit making) organisation in the context of legislation for tax exemption.

            The purpose of the statute is realised especially through the development and organisation of events of international sled dog racing competitions according to section 1 and with the means and tasks of § 3. The Association is non-profit making; it does not pursue any financial benefit. The means of the Association are only to be used for the purposes detailed in the Statute. Members do not receive remuneration out of the means of the Association. No person is to be favoured with expenses which are contrary to the purpose of the Association, or by unreasonably high compensation.

            All positions within the Association are held on an honorary basis.  

            Members of the Board can for board related activities receive a total of Euros 50 per year – this has to be determined at the members’ meeting. The actual internal WSA regulation of cost is valid for all other expenditure.


3.         Excluded or retired members have no entitlement to the assets of the Association.   


  1. The Association can become a member of other federations or organisations in order to realise its goals.



§ 3   Functions


The functions of the Association are:


1.         The organisation and conduct of World- and European Championships or        other international competitions in cooperation with a national WSA                                                        Association or another international organisation. Such location or country should vary from year to year within the federation.                                                                                             

2.        The harmonisation and coordination of time tables for international Sled Dog races as well as competitions, championships, cup events or other international challenges in cooperation with and amongst the members.                

3.         The harmonisation of the race rules in all member countries and control of their application, in addition to the observation of these rules by the members and their sled dog racers.


4.         The support of the members in their efforts to develop the sled dog racing sport in their countries.


  1. The observation of laws and orders for the protection of animal rights and for the prevention of maltreatment of the animals as far as these laws and orders relate to the goals of the Association.


  1. Representation and development of sled dog racing sport, together with the          members, vis a vis national and international authorities and especially the               I.O.C.


  1. Development of cooperation between the members and friendly relationships amongst them.


  1. The provision of good communication and information of the WSA and its members by providing an up to date Website/Homepage.