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§ 14   The Executive Committee/ Extended Board


  1. The statutory Board (§ 26 Abs. 1BGB) consists of:


-          Chairman

-          Vice Chairman

-          Director of Sport

-          Secretary

-          Treasurer


  1. The Board represents the Association in and out of court (§ 26 BGB). Each member of the Board is entitled to be a sole representative of the Association. The election of the Statutory Board takes place through a secret ballot. The positions of the Extended Board are elected in an open ballot (show of hands). A secret ballot is possible upon request. If requested the voting cards can be destroyed.


  1. Internally the only people who can act are the Vice Chairman if the Chairman is unavailable, the Director of Sport if the Vice Chairman is unavailable, the Secretary if the Director of Sport is unavailable and the Treasurer only if all the other members of the Statutory Board are unavailable.  All positions can be taken in connection with any other position within the Board.


  1. A member of the Extended Board can keep his/her position in the committee even if he/she is not a delegate of the national organisation. In the event that a national organisation is excluded from WSA the respective members of the Extended Board have to withdraw from the Board within one week of the exclusion of their organisation.


  1. The Executive Committee/Board is entitled to take legally binding decisions as long as at least 3 committee members are present. These decisions have to be unanimous.


  1. If one member of the Extended Board resigns and gives up his/her function during the mandate, the Extended Board can elect a successor up until the next General Assembly. Such election has to be confirmed in the next General Assembly and is restricted to the mandate of the member who resigned.


  1. The Chairman manages, runs and administers matters of business interest.


  1. The Chairman summons the Extended Board once a year. Such a meeting should be held in connection with activities or events. All decisions taken during such a meeting have to be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.


  1. Minutes are taken of such meetings and decisions of the Association Bodies. Such minutes have to be signed by the Chairman and have to be archived in the business domicile.


  1. The Board can invite potential new members to every event. Such a member, however, cannot obtain an international title, but, nevertheless, such a potential new member can win an event. Exceptions hereby are the Associate individual members. Such individual members can win an event and gain the respective title.


  1. Members of the Board have the right of access and participation in all gatherings or meetings of member federations or member organisations.