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2o years World Sleddog Association in Scharnitz /Olympiaregion Seefeld from 19th.-22nd.of February 2015 under the theme – Under Friends in the Karwendel


RSSC-Austria  with the TVB-Seefeld under the umbrella of the World Sleddog Assocation

Chief Race Marshall: Bernd Keusemann
2nd and 3 rd Race Marshall: Arno Steichler & Arnold Petutschnig
Racejudges: Rolf Münch & Leo Leonhart
Trailboss: Christoph Rotter
Chief Vet: Dr. Stefan Ferschl und Mag. Alexandra Ferschl
Anti-Doping: Dr. Karsten Hesse

Racerules: WSA Race Rules latest version

Participants: Mushers nominated from their national federation

Starting times: Mid-Distance Nightrun 7:30 pm, 2nd & 3rd heat 8:00 am
                         Sprint 1st & 2 nd heat  10:00 am 3rd heat 9:00 am

Classes: Mid-Distance: SJD 1&2 Dogs, Pulka, Limited 3 to 6 dogs, Unlimited 7-14 dogs
              Sprint: SJM-1,SJM-2,SJW-1,SJW-2,Pulka-1,Pulka-2,2dogs-1,2dogs-2, 4dogs-1,4dogs-2,6dogs-1,6dogs-2,8dogs-1,8dogs-2, UL-1,UL-2,SJ-jun,2dogs-jun.

Trail Distances :

 Mid-Distance ca.36km
 Sprint 2dogs-1&2,2dogs-jun und SJ-jun    ca.6km
 Sprint 4dogs-1&2  ca. 8km
 Sprint 6dogs-1&2,SJW-1&2,SJM-1&2,Pulka-1&2 ca.13km
 Sprint 8dogs-1&2  ca.17km
 Sprint UL-1&2  ca.20km

Trail Profile: fast trail with less alltitude differences
Startingfee: 90,00 Euro per Start including. 2 Mushermeals
Late entry: from 10.02.2015 we have to take a late entryfee  of 40,00 Euro per Start
Entry Deadline: 09.02.2015

Entryform: online under  - please check your national qualifications rules and contingent  – only national nominated mushers will be allowed to start.
Startnumbers: Startnumbers will be given to the nominated Teamleaders on Thursday 19.02.2015 at 10:00pm
Arrival: Wednesday 18.02.2015 from 9:00am

Tourismus-Info:            Info-Office  Seefeld
                                      phone.: +435088050
                                      fax: +435088051
                                      Homepage:        E-Mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In a race, our dogs and the mushers are in public view. Visitors, media photographers and sponsors judge us not by the speed, but mainly how we treat our animals. Our races are events which are visit by animal lovers and sports interested persons so we mushers are all asked to show correct wellfare handling, as well as a clear stake out (please deposit the dog shit in waste bags and put it in the container after race). The Promoter accepts no liability. Each musher is responsible for him or his dogs himself.

The RSSC Austria wishes all participants an accident-free and successful weekend in Scharnitz.