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In order to be able to participate at WSA Events (World and European Championships from 2016, Eurocup from 2016/2017), a WSA Driver Licence (WDL) is required. WDL numbers are being issued once for the duration of the career of a musher and are compulsory for all WSA events with immediate effect. The WDL has the advantage that going forward when entering in an event, mushers will only have to supply their WDL number and the class they would like to compete in instead of having to enter their personal details every time.

The creation of chip lists too will be simplified as a result as they will be linked to the WDL number. And there will be simplifications for families, more information about how this works can be found below. Despite all these advantages, an initial application for a WDL number is required.


Where do I get a WDL number?
You can register for a WDL here [Login].
What information is required to apply for a WDL?

Initially, we only need personal information such as name, address, telephone number and date of birth.
What happens next?
Once you’ve registered, you’re being allocated your personal WDL number. In the email that you’ll receive you’ll also find a link that will give you the option to set up further WDL numbers (for families) as well as chip lists and speaker lists.
Do I need to submit a chip list?
Yes. Chip lists are mandatory for all WSA Events! Importantly, make sure that you enter all the dogs you take to an event regardless whether they compete or not. Should a dog have more than one microchip, you’ll have the ability to note this. This will save you a lot of hassle when the chips are being read.
My entire family is competing with our dogs. How do I enter this?
The tool uses the initial WDL application as master. The chip list is attached to this number. In order for other family members to be able to compete with the same dogs, create a new WDL by going to „Additional WDL“.Enter the WDL that you have been supplied with into the field WDL 1. The system links the new WDL number automatically to the already existing WDL, which in turn means that the chip lists are linked. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary to enter all family members.
Do I need to submit a speaker list?
This is the norm for European and World Championships where the speaker presents each competitor.
What other benefits has the system?
From mid-2016 onwards you will be able to edit all the information related to your personal WDL. A new address or new dogs? It’s in your best interest to update this information regularly. All information will be checked at European and World Championships. So, by making sure the information we have on file for you is up to date, you’ll save yourself and the volunteers at the event a lot of additional work. And remember, at worst you might be disqualified for supplying incorrect information.
Why don’t I appear on the start list despite having applied for a WDL?
There can be a number of reasons for this. Firstly, this might indicate a missing chip list. Without a completed chip list you will not appear on a start list. Secondly, your country might not have nominated you to compete at a particular event or your entry fee hasn’t been paid yet.