European Championship Snow 2017 Inzell / Germany from 2 to 5 February 2017
Organizer: SC Weisbach and cooperation partners under the auspices
the World Sleddog Assocation


Chief Race Marshall: Arno Steichler
Assistant of Chief Race Marshall:
Justyna Janecka
Race Judge:
Leo Leonhardt, Rolf Münch, Christof Diehl
Trail Boss:
Holzner Christian, Öttl Robert
Chief veterinarian:
Ebenböck Christian
Karsten Hesse

Max. Number of starters: 250
Racerules: WSA Race Rules Last Version,
Papers: Original FCI pedigrees (no copy) and vaccination card
Stake Out Rules: Upon arrival, entrance checks are carried out on each team. If one or more dogs with a contagious disease are found, the team must not at the Stake Out and must leave the event immediately.

Registration / Team Leader:
Please note that will be sent only after receipt of mail address or telephone number / mobile number of the Team Leaders of the access to the registration and the registration code. In order to guarantee the smooth running of the application, the data are received until 01/06/2017. For the transmission of Team Leader data, and Cancel & Change the following email address has been set up: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All mails to this email address.

Participants per Member: According to decision of the Working Group

Start sequence:
Mid-Distanz night prologue (Thu), 2 and 3 Run after Sprint (Fri and Sat)
Sprint 1 (Fri), Sprint 2 (Sat) and Sprint 3 (Sun)

Mid-Distanz: Skijöring 1 - 2 dogs, Pulka, Limited 3 - 6 dogs, Unlimited 7-14 dogs
Sprint: SJM-1, SJM-2, SJW-1, SJW-2, Pulka-1, Pulka-2, 2dogs-1, 2dogs-2, 4dogs-1, 4dogs-2, 6dogs-1, 6dogs-2, 8dogs-1, 8dogs-2, UL-1, UL-2, SJ-jun, 2dogs-jun.

Trail lengths:

Mid-Distance ca. km
Sprint 2dogs-1&2,2dogs-jun und SJ-jun ca. km
Sprint 4dogs-1&2 ca. km
Sprint 6dogs-1&2,SJW-1&2,SJM-1&2,Pulka-1&2 ca. km
Sprint 8dogs-1&2 ca. km
Sprint UL-1&2 ca. km

Learn more about the route such as height difference and profile found at:

Payments only by WSA Members!

Starting fee:
120,00 Euro per Start incl. Mushemeal
Entry fee:
A entry fee of € 15 is per starting place - from the United Nations to pay. This will be credited to the starting fee. In case of cancellation the entry fee remains with the promoters. Payment of the entry fee not later than 31.12.2016 to the WSA account.
Deadline 1: 23.01.2017
Payment starting fee: 27.01.2017 up to the account of the WSA
(Transfers only by WSA Member!)
Late registration:
from 24.01.2017 Late entry fee 20,00 Euro per start
Deadline 2:
27.01.2017 After that, no more registrations possible - categories barter only down at the first team leader meeting in Inzell.
ayment Starting fee for late registration: Ready for late registration and no later than 27.01.2017 to the account of the WSA

Registration: online at, in compliance with the national release
Issue race numbers: Start numbers can be collected at the nominated Team Leader on Thursday handed over at 10:00 clock

Procedure: Attention: Schedule still provisional !!!

WED   01.02.2017   from 10:00
  Getting the musher and veterinary check
THU   02.02.2017   18:00 - 21:00
  Prolog Middle Distance
FRI   03.02.2017   08:30 - 13:30   First Run Sprint
        13:30 - 16:30   Second Run Middle Distance
        18:00 - 21:00   Opening ceremony with soup night
SAT   04.02.2017   08:30 - 13:30   Second Run Sprint
        13:30 - 16:30   Third Run Middle Distance
        18:30 - 21:00   Musher eat at the festival tent
        21:00 - 01:00   Musher evening with winners ceremony MD
SUN   05.02.2017   09:30 - 14:30   Third Run Sprint
        16:00 - 18:00   Winners ceremony

Entertainment and dining: Every day in the heated festival tent

Inzeller Touristik GmbH
Rathausplatz 5
83334 Inzell
Tel. +49 (0) 86 65 - 98 85 - 0



Liability: Participation is at your own risk. Each musher is liable for the damages caused by him himself