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at the World Sleddog Association - WSA. Below you can find information about current World or European Championship and the membership of the WSA. Recent articles and information can be found in the News.

WSA Events 2017

EC Snow Sprint & MD 2017 - Inzell / Germany


Obtaining Membership and Status of Affiliation

Application for membership is to be submitted to the chairman of the WSA in form of a participation declaration.

It is essential for federations and organisations who want to obtain membership of the WSA to pursue identical objectives in the direction of aforementioned §  2 to 4. The General Assembly (GA) decides by a vote of majority the admission into the Association. The criteria regarding the vote for individual membership are listed in § 7.6.
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Bank account WSA: ING bank
Bijlmerdreef 109
1102 BW Amsterdam
WSA Treasurer:

CL vd Brink-Bokx, Nijkerk

Accountnr: 754274012

IBAN: NL51INGB0754274012


Since 17.01.2012 the WSA is a recognized association of public utility

Tax number:


Tax office:

74821 Mosbach/Germany

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WSA - World Sleddog Association e.V.


Name: WSA - World Sleddog Association e.V.
Association headquarters: Germany, Buchen - Hettingen
Address: 74722 Buchen - Hettingen, Amorbacher - Str. 52
Country: Germany
Date of origin: 1995
Moderate representation statutes regulation: The President represents the Association externally.
Written copies of the association shall be invalid unless the signatures of the President and the Secretary-General to money matters (assets dispositions) by the President and the Treasurer.
Chairman: Arno Steichler




Name: Creativ Labs
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Happy Dog ist Hersteller von gesunder Hundenahrung in Lebensmittelqualität. Unser Hundefutter wird ohne chemische Zusatzstoffe in Deutschland hergestellt.


Die Weltspitze im Schlittenhundesport fährt Danler.



Umfangreiches Zubehör für den Schlittenhundesport, auch Second Hand.

Der 1996 gegründete Peer's Huskyshop hat ein Grundprinzip, das sich durch nichts erschüttern lässt: Wir bieten ausschließlich qualitativ hochwertigstes Zubehör für den Schlittenhundesport an.

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