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§  7   Members’ Attributes


  1. The national Sport Associations with pedigree sled dogs in accordance with F.C.I. can become members of WSA.
  2. Each country can only be represented by 1 (one) member federation or organisation. Such an organisation is to unite under its umbrella all national clubs and organisations which develop and support sled dog sport with pedigree sled dogs in accordance with F.C.I. Membership of more than one organisation per country is possible if this is deemed to be necessary due to language, historical or sport-related reasons. Such a regulation has to be confirmed by vote in the General Assembly (GA).
  3. Organisations or federations which are interested in races with pedigree sled dogs can acquire associate status. Associate members have no voting right and individual members do not automatically have the right to participate in WSA races. The inclusion of such associate members can be approved by the Board. Final inclusion of such members has to be confirmed by the General Assembly.
  4. Civil Rights Organisations can also become members of the WSA.
  5. Organisations, Federations and Individuals cannot become members if they are members of organisations who conduct sled dog races not in accordance with the F.C.I. – definition pedigree sled dogs. This is not so for organisations which are members of an association in which WSA is also a member.
  6. Individuals can receive associate member status which enables them to take part in WSA events. Such individual membership, however, is only possible for sled dog racing competitors from countries which do not have a federation or organisation with membership of WSA. Such members do not have the right to vote. Individual members only gain associate membership if two thirds of the votes in the General Assembly (GA) are in favour of such a membership and if there is no more than 1 (one) vote by the Board of the WSA against such membership.
  7. Such members of organisations who are in direct competition to WSA (in an organisational and/or administrative capacity in respect to WSA’s aims and objectives) cannot become full members of WSA. Also, these racing competitors cannot obtain WSA titles. Exceptions, which serve and develop solely and directly the sport competition of all members of international organisations, can be granted.
  8. WSA can grant honorary membership to persons or organisations who have rendered outstanding services to the objectives of WSA. Honorary membership has to be decided by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the GA.



§  8    Obtaining Membership and Status of Affiliation


Application for membership is to be submitted to the chairman of the WSA in form of a participation declaration. The following documents are to be submitted together with the application:


-          Recognition of and agreement to the effective/valid WSA Statute

-          A declaration regarding the willingness to participate in WSA events

-          An authenticated copy of the entry at the local court registry together with an authenticated copy of the effective/valid statute

-          A list of the members of the executive body, a list of member clubs and/or the individual members

-          A list of the names of at least 5 active racing competitors (4 snow races in one season) including the race results

-          An individual person who wants to become a member has to submit a corresponding application to the chairman


It is essential for federations and organisations who want to obtain membership of the WSA to pursue identical objectives in the direction of aforementioned §  2 to 4. The General Assembly (GA) decides by a vote of majority the admission into the Association. The criteria regarding the vote for individual membership are listed in § 7.6.